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 a few thoughts on raidin

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Posts : 70
Join date : 2009-10-18
Age : 38
Location : NW Pennslyvania

PostSubject: a few thoughts on raidin   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:08 am

hi everyone after sum pondering i thiought of a few things about group hunts that i wanted to say such as #1- if we go to all the trouble of gettin ppl togather we need sum type of plan idk what just a notion of what we gonna do like we go to 2-3 pack stays in mid i person goes to lure ppl to pack for kill u get the idea #2- do not shoot leos!! in my opinion they a waste of time and ammo and they run we get attcked for what 4 honor pts and 800 exp no good #3-if possible do not chase useless kills to ports ive lost track of times good groups busted chasin fe goli that dont come close to poppin ... true was sayin we need to use voice but while thats good if we practice a lil and kno what to do as a group we can do alotta damage we just need to fight smart and stick to it well thats it for now lol just had to say that b4 next hunt i just want to see us kick A$$ thx ---dime
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Posts : 60
Join date : 2009-10-13

PostSubject: Thoughts   Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:29 am

1 Stay away from the ports, let the kill go before geting sucked in and the pact broken up

2 stay in formation, stay as a group, send out a scout as Dime as noted bring em to the group.

3 We try to all lock the same ship no matter how many there r, we r looking for fast kills, kill 1, then kill the next, we have the power of guns on r side if we stay focused on this.

4 Do Not break from the group to go chase 1 down unless the group is chasing it, this is a sure fire way to weaken the group and get killed. Keep in mind we will have to give chase they r not just going to set there and let us kill em once they know how many ships r there. but alway re-group in same place once kill is done.

5 stack act as 1 ship with 1 goal.

Think of it like this
1 lone ship cruising along by itself, runs into another lone enemy ship in space, the enemy is smart he has friends just pass the moon and if he can have you give chase, then all his friends r there waiting for you. The last words you will be saying is Help never mind they got me. The power is in the numbers you have a goli with 15 standard gun and lets say another 10 on the drones total 25 guns plus rocket x 5 now you have 125 guns plus rockets all locked on the same ship who is going to win. PaleRider
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Posts : 70
Join date : 2009-10-18
Age : 38
Location : NW Pennslyvania

PostSubject: Re: a few thoughts on raidin   Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:16 am

also to add sum things im a firm believer in keeping movin think if we in enemy poppin ppl like crazy they gonna b chattin qik as to our numbers and such so we need to go ina map pop ppl and keep it movin to keep them off balance especially in eic they have no prob to get 5-8 goli all 1-2-3 stars qik if were sittin ther then thats the end of our raid, also i cant stress eunff we need to stay togather and fight as 1 DO NOT CHASE LEOS they r NOT worth it we need to b smart cuz numbers are always against us id like to try baitin to u guys can stay in mid and ill lead ppl to us i will give lok i dont care just need to b slick in our approach if ne1 has anything to add plz do so the more we do the better we b think how many raids clans like 12,DK,GOD etc have dun they r pro and it shows i think at sum point we need voice chat but i believe we can b successful no matter what if we work togather of course we gonna pop sum butt thats war and DO is made for ppl to pop what sets good ppl apart is tenacity and willingness to learn work togather and we r getting better everyday go NYS!!! pirat
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PostSubject: Re: a few thoughts on raidin   

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a few thoughts on raidin
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