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 The Plan

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PostSubject: The Plan   Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:28 am

1 Stay away from the ports, let the kill go before getting sucked in and the pact broken up

2 Stay in formation, stay as a group, Fly as a group.

3 We all lock the same ship no matter how many there r, we r looking for fast kills, kill 1, then kill the next, we have the power of guns on r side if we (Stay Focused On This.)

4 Do Not break from the group to go chase 1 down unless the group is chasing it, this is a sure fire way to weaken the group and get killed. Keep in mind we will have to give chase they r not just going to set there and let us kill em once they know how many ships r there. but always re-group in same place once kill is done.

5 Stack when we regroup, act as 1 ship with 1 goal. Why do this,? multi enemy ships will only be able to lock on the top ship, keeping the bulk of the group safe to continue the fight, this is also why it is important to lock 1, kill it, then lock next, kill it, it will be the only way to try and save the member they r locked on ,, I say again, Stay focused, don't panic and everyone start locking and chasing different ships it will only lead to alot of us getting killed. If we r flying all fly together not off in different directions.

6 Regroup at the meeting place.

7 Do not fly off on your own, a single ship will die and weaken the group

8 There will not be alot of chat,once the battle begins, once we regroup then chat, chat in battle will only distract us from watching shields and hitpoints, on both ourselves and our enemies.

9 We will rotate the lock, and on that lock that member will be the lead ship that everyone is to follow, that will be the kill. This way everyone in the group will know who the lead ship is and what direction we r going in.To do this this way we must act fast, everyone will know in advance who will be locking next, do not hesitate when it's your turn, lock and lock fast as the rest of us will be waiting and we won't wait long.

We will set our choice where we r going in NYS chat,,private channel.

Good Luck see u all later
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PostSubject: Re: The Plan   Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:22 pm

good and good i agree 100% follow these and we'll do well lets have sum fun and show them who we are
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The Plan
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